Volunteering - Physical - Skills

Timescale in months: 6 - 3 - 3

Expedition: 2 days 1 night

Staff: Miss Ash, Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Cook, Dr Hanfrey, Mr O'Leary, Mr Price, Mr Redmonds, Mr Salway & Mr Bradbury

Expedition qualifier photos

Expedition practice photos

Expedition training day - stoves, 1st Aid, tents and packing a rucksack, March 2019 photos.

Skill Section - If you're doing cooking at home for your skill, please follow these guidelines

Expedition Section

Training programme

A kit check is usually done the day before we go on expedition.

Expeditions dates for 2019

Practice expedition April Photos

Qualifier expedition

Group A: May 18th-19th, Group B: May 23rd-24th

A kit check is done the day before at 3.45pm

Start at Rede (near the pub), IP29 4BE

Start at Cavendish (near the church), CO10 8BA

Archives of previous groups

Training day Feb 2018 - photos

Practice expedition April 2018 - photos

Qualifier expedition May 2018 - photos