Enrolment fee: £22

Volunteering - Physical - Skills

Timescale in months: 6 - 3 - 3

Expedition: 2 days 1 night

Staff: Miss Ash, Mrs Bradbury, Mrs Cook, Dr Hanfrey, Mr O'Leary, Mr Price, Mr Redmonds & Mr Bradbury

Volunteering: sorting at a charity shop

Physical: cross-country running

Skills - If you're doing cooking at home, please follow these guidelines. You can also upload photos to a Google Drive folder to show what you've done.

Expedition qualifier photos

Expedition practice photos

Expedition training - stoves, 1st Aid, tents and packing a rucksack, March 2019 photos.

Expedition Section

Training programme

A kit check is done the day before we go on expedition.

Expeditions 2019

Practice expedition April - photos

Qualifier expedition May - photos

Start at Rede (near the pub), IP29 4BE

Start at Cavendish (near the church), CO10 8BA

Archives of previous groups

Training day Feb 2018 - photos

Practice expedition April 2018 - photos

Qualifier expedition May 2018 - photos