Kit check

The expedition kit check is usually done the day before expedition, although sometimes it may be several days ahead.

You must bring in all the gear & the food you intend to take on your expedition. This will be checked by staff to make sure you've got what is needed, but not too much! For canoeing you'll repack everything into waterproof barrels. For walking expeditions bring everything packed into your rucksack and also bring in your walking boots/shoes, plus your waterproof coat.

We can supply strong plastic "rubble sacks" to help keep things dry. One just for your sleeping bag and another for your spare clothes.

Once checked, all kit is left locked up in the school DofE store room, except for the Bronze qualifier expedition, when some students make their own way to the start.

Your rucksack should weigh less than 25% of your body weight. Most students are able to pack their gear and have a rucksack weight between 10kg-15kg. Less is better and remember a litre of water weighs 1kg.