Volunteering - Physical - Skills

Timescale in months: 12 -12 - 6

Expedition: 4 days 3 nights

Residential: 5 days 4 nights

Well done to Nat, Katya and Dan, here collecting their Gold Award certificates at Buckingham Palace, May 2019

Staff: Mr Price & Mrs Bradbury

See the Bronze & Silver pages for information about recording evidence. It is very important to keep a diary as you progress through your activities. Don't leave it to the end to try to remember what you've done.

You also need to plan and attend a residential activity - more details and ideas here.

2019 expeditions

Practice Snowdonia April Photos

Qualifier... kit check Wed 3rd July, 3.45pm

The Lake District July 4th - 9th

Expedition training framework for Gold

Skills - playing in a band

Gold Award students 2018 qualifier expedition in the Lake District - photos.

Also a combination 3 minute video of both expeditions.

Practice: Snowdonia April 2018 - Photos