Enrolment fee: £22

Volunteering - Physical - Skills

Timescale in months: 6 - 6 - 3

Expedition: 3 days 2 nights

Staff: Mrs Bradbury, Mr O'Leary, Mr Price & Mr Redmonds

Keeping evidence - You must keep an activity log for each activity - download a template here, or use this online form to keep your own record, then later upload to your eDofE.

Volunteering at the Bury Stray Cat Fund

Swimming for the Physical section

Photography for the Skills section

If you're doing cooking at home for your skills section, please follow these guidelines or save photos to a Google Drive folder with your recipes.

Expedition section

Expedition Training Framework for Silver

Walking expeditions 2019

Practice April - photos

Qualifier June - photos

Archives of previous years

Walking expeditions 2018

Practice March - photos

Qualifier July - photos

Canoeing expeditions

Training day September 2017 - photos

Practice September 2017 - photos

Training & Qualifier June 2018 - photos